Children’s packages

Developmentally appropriate

Naturally inspiring

Currently offering three packages for pre-schools, church and home care, play groups, parties, and festivals:

Package 1

Music and Movement Circle Time

– songs, finger plays, chants, and movement activities

– interactive, multi-instrumental, inclusive of many learning styles


Tim leading an outdoor music and movement circle with three and four year-olds, July 2013


Tim leading the Hootenanny Hey Ride at Hoppin John Old Time and Bluegrass Fiddlers Convention at Shakori Hills, September 2013

Package 2

Build a Bench —  includes red cedar 

– children attach legs to the bench

– children use a wood rasp and sand paper to smooth the bench

– red cedar bench becomes a permanent part of indoor/outdoor play area

IMG_0096 - Version 2

Two and a half year-old child uses a wood rasp to smooth the edges of a cedar bench


A three year-old child uses a socket wrench to tighten lag screws on a ramp


Four year-old children rasping and sanding a cedar bench in the shade

Package 3

Outdoor structures and elements 

– Tim can work with you or your staff to design an element, which he then builds and assembles

– elements are safe, durable, meet Division of Child Development regulations, and provide developmentally appropriate level of challenge to the targeted age


Two-sided cedar ramp for toddler playground (height: 8″)

IMG_0114 - Version 2

Graduated balancing stumps for 2-3 year-old playground (height: 6″ – 15″)


Giant “Lincoln logs” for 3-5 year-old playground


Baby walking bar (height: 11″)


Covered music/rhythm center for 3-5 year-old playground

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email:                  phone:  919-619-9172

References available upon request